A Productivity Revolution Through Design and Execution Alignment


Consensus – The word is sometimes lost in the construction process.  How do we gain consensus with parties working off of multiple systems, from multiple locations and working for multiple companies?  It is no surprise that construction is one of the most litigious industries in the world. Through design and execution alignment, consensus is achieved, and productivity reaches new highs. 


Blockchain Manages the Complexity of Multiple Models

From design to completion, when data is stored in large, hard to manage files, great disruption can occur.  Members of the team that want to access this data require advanced knowledge on how to use BIM authoring and viewing tools. 

With Brickschain, the data produced by the model sits in the blockchain.  Once the model has been consumed into Brickschain it is easy to search and share information.  Most importantly this data is stored forever and available to anyone.  Brickschain turbo charges BIM.