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construction-specific connectivity

Integrating with Brickschain through our single end-point API solution means you are instantly connected to thousands of apps. Most major data and blockchain solutions ignore the construction industry’s unique requirements, but Brickschain has built integrations specifically for the needs of construction and the built environment– everything from Procore, CMiC, to Autodesk’s BIM and Docs Products.

Brickschain handles all security, mappings and connectors, so no more bloated IT expenses for integration projects that don’t go anywhere. Brickschain is able to build these connectors quickly and easily because of our blockchain technology and implementation of both Node-red and NodeJS servers hosted securely in Federal Government approved hosting facilities.

Brickschain isn’t just about providing a product - we also provide world class service and support for all of your integrations - guaranteeing their connectivity using human aided AI and live support from a construction knowledgeable data concierge.

Start your journey with blockchain here - by simply gluing together the multitude of apps that live in silos today. Find out more by contacting us.