Executive Team



Bassem Hamdy is a construction industry veteran with 20 years of experience. He’s a well-known pioneer in construction tech, and played an integral role in establishing an industry for project management software. Bassem first joined CMiC in the 1990s and was successful in helping construction companies migrate their systems from paper to software. In 2015, Bassem took over as EVP, Marketing and Enterprise Strategy at Procore, a unicorn-valued, cloud-based platform for construction, where he pushed the boundary of what project management software could be (He wrote the definitive book on Account-Based Marketing). Now, armed with new technology and ideas, Bassem wants to help the industry break those silos down to forge through yet another frontier– blockchain, data, and AI.



Ron Goldshmidt is a Wall Street veteran and early pioneer of blockchain in finance. He was the driving force behind a number of financial engineering and derivatives products in the industry, and built various Emerging Markets businesses for TD Securities, UBS, and RBC, often from scratch, and ultimately turned these businesses into profit centre powerhouses. Ron was first awakened to blockchain through its financial applications, particularly on the frontlines of emerging market crises in Argentina, Venezuela, and Iceland. Ron is an advisor to think tanks, including the Economic Space Agency, and brings an applied business perspective to blockchain, big data, and AI.



Cody Coe has seen all stages of the startup lifecycle. He got his first start in Santa Barbara with a company called TrackR, a consumer-facing IoT company. There, he took the lead on marketing engineering and helped to grow the company to $50 million in annual revenue. Cody left TrackR to join an even faster growing project: Procore. There, he met Bassem and held roles in both marketing and engineering, either taking the lead on new projects or with a small distributed team. He later founded his own digital agency, using his startup expertise to advise and work with founders out of Silicon Riviera. It didn’t take long for Bassem to bring Cody to Brickschain for his startup and technology insight.



Ellis Talton is a former journalist and writer covering projects, people, and ideas behind energy, infrastructure, and the built environment. He was a Director at The Oil & Gas Year, a Dubai-based media platform that provides business intelligence and strategic communication to the global energy industry. There, he lead teams in Central Africa and the Middle East to provide research for major energy and infrastructure projects. Ellis is a Forbes Contributor where he writes about themes and issues affecting infrastructure, and is the founder of StateOf, a creative and analytical platform exploring the physical systems that support our world. He joins Brickschain to help communicate the strategic importance of technology in construction and the built environment.