our mission

Our Brickschain mission is to chronicle every building in the world during the course of construction, and during the handover process.  Even if the building has been in use for decades, Brickschain will capture a complete and comprehensive record. We will do that by connecting to your pre-existing technology, including email, project management systems and accounting documentation, and creating a ledger of all transactions, immutable forever.     

The Brickschain blockchain allows for multiple inputs through RESTful API connections that are simple to configure.  Blocks and smart contracts can be created easily with information already available through your existing systems.  Because of the ease of communicating with Brickschain, all parties can now create a diverse set of blocks, producing a record of everything that has happened during and after construction.  

All of this takes place without replacing any system or process you currently have implemented, and ensuring:

·      No disruptions.

·      No costly overhauls.

·      No complicated system changes.

We at Brickschain believe this is the first step toward a more efficient built world.

We believe Brickschain can help solve the challenges around sustainability during and after construction.  We want to empower people across the entire built world to easily and securely manage their facilities, buildings, and projects by providing an open blockchain that anyone can connect to, regardless of their infrastructure or technical skills.