Why Brickschain?

Over the life of a building or facility, hundreds of systems are used by contractors, facility managers, property managers and your tenants.  This produces millions of records in distributed systems.  Brickschain records these transactions, regardless of the phase your building is in.  This ensures that there is a record for everything that happens to your building, forever.


Asset Provenance

Our unique blockchain design records all important transactions on a construction project, from design to completion, and beyond. All inputs in the project are recorded and stored forever across the peer-to-peer distributed ledger.  Years from now when a renovation is completed it will be easy to access the data and answer the always burning question – what’s behind that wall.

As an owner, this blockchain increases the value of your asset and lowers your maintenance costs.  When selling, you can hand a prospective buyer access to the build’s entire history.  And in the event that repairs or insurance replacement occurs, no more searching through banker’s boxers or DVDs and shared drives for the specifications of your building.  Brickschain puts it all there, in one simple place. M-LINE

Years from now, if a material is found to be hazardous - how can you know if that material is in your asset?

City hall, basement drawings, old emails, past specifications? Brickschain is searchable for the project and asset, showing all material provenance, where it was purchased and for how much.  Now that’s modernization.

The Unified Truth

Construction is one of the most fearless industries in the world.  We take the conceptual and build monuments.  Whether it is a skyscraper that pierces the sky or a family’s home, it is time for a single, unified truth.  The truth of the project status, how much has been completed and how much is yet to be completed, sound like a simple thing – but the concept has been elusive in the construction industry. 

Brickschain = Truth.

Improving construction productivity is a noble goal – but it is not the only goal.  Brickschain’s mission is to unify the construction supply chain from concept to completion.  The world finally has the technology to deliver the power of one. One project. One building. One industry.

Brickschain – bringing the industry together


Why Does a Facility Owner Need to be on the Blockchain

Your facilities are living entities - they require regular maintenance, sometimes break down, and are the life blood of communities around the world.  But their data is scattered, sometimes confusing, hard to source, and understand.  What's worse is when you attempt to use the data built up over the operations of the business, it is often inaccurate and hard to verify.  Brickschain changes all of that - it allows your contractors to continue using their source systems while storing this data in a verified ledger that can be used to manage your facility.


Why Does a Contractor need to be on the Blockchain

As a contractor you deal with many different subcontractors, owners, and suppliers. These participants have their own systems and ways of doing things.  The blockchain allows for you to normalize all data, regardless of source, in one immutable ledger.      With Brickschain, all data is driven to the blockchain, not just for archival purposes, but for real business intelligence that powers your organization.  What changes with Brickschain implementation?  Your data becomes verified and trusted, regardless of system or source.